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3 MLB Players Who Will Potentially Hold Our Gaze in Postseason

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
MLB players on a game
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After the Major League Baseball team announced the calendar for post-season 2023, fans became excited about who the next breakout player will be. It is less than one week into the season, and fans are guessing which player will benefit from the October breakout.


The exciting breakout event of 2021 began with the memorable postseason, which saw Tampa Bay outfielder Randy Arozarena shine as a star. While no player is being pressured to reach such heights again, fans continue to applaud and eagerly anticipate the next Arozarena.


We have narrowed down our selection to three Major League Baseball players who have the potential to capture our attention until the end of the postseason. These players are not anonymous prospects, but rather well-known names in the league.


You are most likely to see the names of players who you probably don't know before or you have never paid attention but their names will make you watch out more for them before the end of the postseason.

Yainer Diaz, Astros, C/DH 



Yainer Diaz, Astros
Yainer Diaz | ESPN

Although, It's not certain that Diaz will be able to do much catching during the postseason at all. And even though the defensive metrics of Maldonado are nothing compared to that of Diaz, Dusty Baker, the Astros manager, prefers veteran Martín Maldonado to that of Diaz.



Most fans also believe that the defense of a catcher is not a solved problem, so they are more open to Baker's opinions about Maldonado having the better catching mitt. Diaz is added to the list because he could positively impact the game with his bat, either being a DH or as a pinch hitter.

Edouard Julien, Twins, 2B/DH 


Edouard Julien
Edouard Julien | NCAA


Julien had made himself known to the international audience when he attended 7 for 13 as one of Canada's World Classic squad Baseball back during the spring. It took him the whole of summertime to inaugurate a strong foothold on an enormous-league job, however, he has since stepped up as the everyday leadoff hitter for Minnesota.


Julien would have been perfect for the main character in Moneyball if he had been born slightly earlier. He also strikes with a defined authority. Although his maximum and average velocities are not very impressive, his batted ball percentage attained 95mph which is almost close to Bryce Harper's posted rate and some other elite and strong players.


Kyle Bradish, Orioles, RHP 


Kyle Bradish
Kyle Bradish | KTSM


Kyle Bradish was added to the breakout during the spring, and he's also here on the next breakout list. He faced little problem during the last season after his fastball of four-seam was ineffective.


He spoke about the issue earlier this year with two sharp adjustments. The first was ramping up the usage of his slider, which became his basic pitch. Secondly, he changed the offering of his fastball by resting solely on a sinker.