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5 Indispensable Things Detroit Lions Should Aim for in 2024 NFL

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Horizontal, medium closeup of "Ford Field" Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions' football field stadium | Bruce VanLoon / Shutterstock

The upcoming 2024 NFL Draft has the Detroit Lions gearing up with a lot of anticipation for what's to come.

Despite lacking any significant gaps to fill, the Lions are seeking intelligent maneuvers that could influence their future for an extended period.

Let's look at the five main areas they should pay attention to during this critical event.

Safety: Making the Last Line of Defense Stronger

The Lions' safety position currently has only three players, which is insufficient. Although they have the option to acquire players through free agency, the draft presents an opportunity to secure a player who can stay with the team for a longer time.

Acquiring quality safety would not only provide healthy competition but also unveil a potential rising star for the Lions' defence.

In today's NFL, where throwing the ball is vital, reliable safety is crucial. The Lions should look for someone good at covering receivers, making tackles, and knowing the game well.

Wide Receiver: Boosting the Passing Game

There's always a chance to improve, even for teams with good receivers like the Lions. By drafting a highly skilled wide receiver, Detroit could significantly enhance their team's performance.

With the right choice, the Lions can provide their quarterback with more options to pass down the field. A speedy and reliable receiver who can catch difficult passes would ease the job of other offensive players and keep the opposing defense alert.

Cornerback: Building a Strong Defense Base

The Lions are currently performing well with their cornerbacks; however, they should consider their future prospects. Obtaining an outstanding cornerback through the draft would help maintain a strong and stable defense.

In a league where teams frequently employ passing plays, it is crucial to have cornerbacks who can effectively prevent receivers from scoring.

The Lions must seek out players who excel in coverage, possess agility, and are able to anticipate the ball's trajectory.

Guard: Strengthening the Offensive Line

The Lions have recently made some adjustments to their offensive line, but it is essential to ensure its stability in the long run.

Selecting a highly promising guard in the draft can guarantee the team's strength in the future and infuse some fresh vitality.

By choosing an exceptional player in the draft, Detroit can establish the foundation for an offensive line that is unbeatable in the upcoming years. An impressive line not only shields the quarterback but also generates gaps for the running game.

Special Teams Linebacker: Adding Depth and Versatility

With an eye on maintaining excellence in special teams, the Lions must address the departure of key players in this role.

The recent exits of Anthony Pittman and Trevor Nowaske have created a need for fresh talent in this area.

The current linebacker roster features notable names like Alex Anzalone, Jack Campbell, Derrick Barnes, Malcolm Rodriguez, and Jalen Reeves-Maybin.

While these players form a formidable core, adding a versatile linebacker capable of contributing on special teams will provide much-needed depth and flexibility.

Everyone watches the Detroit Lions approach the draft to see how they'll address these important needs. With smart planning and picks, the Lions can set themselves up for success this season and for years ahead.

The draft process is not just about filling roster spots; it is an opportunity to forge a strong team culture. Each selection represents a chance to infuse the locker room with character and leadership.

By picking players who exhibit a strong work ethic and unwavering dedication, the Lions can foster a winning mentality. Additionally, the draft offers an avenue for the Lions to connect with their supporters and generate enthusiasm for the upcoming season.

Each pick can serve as a source of excitement, showcasing the team's commitment to building a championship-caliber squad.

Wrapping Up 

The Detroit Lions draft is a big moment for the team. With smart planning and a focus on the future, the Lions can build a strong team that competes at a high level for years to come. As the draft unfolds, all eyes will be on Detroit as they work to secure the future of their team.