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Now You Can't Drink Any Alcohol At the French Open

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
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The organizers of the French Open have decided to take action against disruptive behavior by prohibiting alcohol consumption in the stands at Roland Garros.

This decision was made in response to several incidents that marred the first week of the tournament.

One notable incident involved Belgian player David Goffin, who accused a spectator of spitting chewing gum at him during his match against France's Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard.

Goffin went on to win the match in five sets. This incident and world No. 1 Iga Swiatek's request for silence during key points in her match against Naomi Osaka underscored the necessity for stricter measures to uphold proper conduct.

Tournament director Amelie Mauresmo emphasized the need for stricter regulations for French Open spectators. She announced a ban on alcohol and stated that umpires would take a firmer stance against unacceptable behavior.

Mauresmo wants everyone to respect players and the game. She promised to handle troublemakers to make the tournament run smoothly. So far, no one has been kicked out, but she's taking action to prevent more disruptions.

In light of recent disturbances, the French Open organizers have taken proactive steps to ensure a more respectful and enjoyable atmosphere for players and spectators alike.

They aim to prevent further interruptions to the matches by banning alcohol consumption in the stands and increasing security measures.

Mauresmo's directive to umpires underscores the seriousness with which the tournament officials are approaching the issue of fan behavior. These measures reflect a commitment to upholding the values of sportsmanship and fair play at Roland Garros.

Overall, the French Open organizers are determined to address the recent disruptions effectively.

With vigilant umpires' support and spectators' cooperation, the tournament aims to proceed smoothly without any further incidents. By taking decisive action, they hope to preserve the integrity and spirit of the game throughout the remainder of the competition.

Goffin Voices Concerns About Noise Levels at French Open

In tennis, fans making noise isn't unusual, especially between serves, but David Goffin, a seasoned player, believes it's gotten out of hand and calls it "ridiculous."

He highlights that numerous players and umpires share this sentiment, expressing concern over the growing disrespect on the court.


David Goffin of Belgium playing 4th seed Alexander Zverev of Germany in the 2nd round at the Roland Garros Grand Slam tennis tournament

David Goffin playing at the Roland Garros Grand Slam tennis tournament | Janet McIntyre / Shutterstock


Goffin emphasizes the need for action to address the issue, indicating that it's frequently discussed in the locker room and among ATP authorities.

Goffin says the French Open has more disruptions than other Grand Slam events due to loud crowds. He calls it "unhealthy" and wants to fix it.

Players at the French Open get frustrated because the noise disturbs them. Goffin says fixing this problem is important for fair games and a better experience.

"A lot of people are complaining. A lot of umpires feel that there is a lot of disrespect," he said.

As a prominent figure in the sport, Goffin's remarks carry weight and highlight the need for action to mitigate the disruptions at the French Open.

His observations prompt a reevaluation of the tournament's approach to crowd management and underscore the importance of maintaining a respectful atmosphere conducive to competitive tennis.

By acknowledging and addressing these concerns, organizers can work towards restoring the event's integrity and preserving its reputation as one of the premier tournaments in the tennis calendar.