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Alex Sarr Wants a Washington Wizards Draft

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Alex Sarr pictured during an interview
Alex Sarr | NBA/YT

The 2024 NBA draft is almost upon us, and teams are finalizing their picks.

The emerging French player, Alexandre Sarr, is turning heads in the league amid speculation that he's eyeing a potential draft by the Washington Wizards.

This development comes as a surprise since the Atlanta Hawks currently hold the number one pick and have been mulling over selecting Sarr as their top choice.

Sarr's preference for the Wizards reportedly stems from their weaker roster, offering him more opportunities to showcase his skills and grow as a player.

The Wizards have invested significant time and resources in scouting Sarr, sending various personnel to Australia to evaluate him. It appears the Wizards are locked in on selecting Sarr as the number two overall pick.

On the other hand, The Hawks seem to be considering other options, including Zaccharie Risacher and Donovan Clingan, for their number one pick.

Sarr's decision to skip training sessions with the Hawks has raised eyebrows, signalling his lack of interest in joining the team.

Sarr’s preference might have been influenced by the Wizard's young core featuring Deni Avdija and Bilal Coulibaly.

For the 19-year-old French centre, joining a team with less pressure and more growth opportunities could be a better option.

As the draft approaches and teams are finalizing their strategies, Sarr's decision may have a ripple effect on the top picks.

Will the Wizards secure their preferred player, or will the Hawks surprise everyone with their number-one choice?

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The 2024 NBA draft promises to be an exciting event, and fans will be watching closely as the drama unfolds.

The Washington Wizards' new head coach, Kenny Atkinson, is known for his talent in developing young players, which fits perfectly with Sarr's ambitions. This could be a significant factor in Sarr's decision to join the team, as he is keen on improving his skills and making a mark in the NBA.

Sarr's versatility in playing both power forward and center positions, along with his impressive shooting range and defensive capabilities, makes him a valuable addition to the team.


Tommy Sheppard, the general manager of the Washington Wizards, has played a pivotal role in identifying Sarr's potential and sees him as a future cornerstone of the franchise.

Fans of the Wizards are buzzing with excitement at the idea of Sarr joining the team. His unique combination of size, skill, and athleticism has captured the attention of many, with fans viewing him as the perfect addition to the team’s young core.

If the Wizards do pick Sarr, it could signify a turning point for the franchise, heralding the start of a new era of success and competitiveness.

Speculations surrounding Sarr's destination continue to build.

Will the Wizards secure their top target, or will another team swoop in and steal the prized big man?

The uncertainty only adds to the excitement, as NBA fans eagerly await the outcome of the 2024 draft. 

However, one thing is certain: Sarr has a bright future in the NBA, and his decision will have a lasting impact on the league.