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Barcelona Planning Permanent Move for Felix and Cancelo

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By Jessy Sloan - - 5 Mins Read
Joao Cancelo (Left) and Joao Felix (Right)
Joao Cancelo/Joao Felix | VotMedia

A recent report suggests that Barcelona is already preparing for the summer transfer window. The team appears to be very pleased with their newest additions, Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo and is looking to secure their permanent transfers.


Despite their recent arrival at Camp Nou, both players have already made a significant impact under the guidance of manager Xavi Hernandez. However, Barcelona is facing some financial constraints due to Financial Fair Play regulations.


Joao Felix, the Portuguese striker, has been in fine form since his arrival, with three goals and one assist in just three appearances for Barcelona this season. His performances have caught the attention of the club's board, and they are keen to keep him for more seasons. However, securing his permanent transfer will depend on Barcelona's ability to manage their financial challenges.


Similarly, Joao Cancelo, who had reached a crossroads in his career after returning from a loan spell with Bayern Munich, has already made his mark at Barcelona, scoring his first goal for the club. Like Felix, he was a priority target for Barcelona, and he had his heart set on joining the Catalan club. Manchester City, his previous club, might be willing to part ways with him for a reported fee of €25 million.


The reported transfer fees are €80 million for Joao Felix and €25 million for Joao Cancelo. Atletico Madrid, where Felix was on loan, demands a higher fee, while Manchester City appears more willing to negotiate. Barcelona will have to navigate these valuations and their financial situation to secure the permanent services of these two Portuguese talents.


The journey of both players to Barcelona was marked by high demand and competition from other clubs. Joao Cancelo, in particular, had options from other clubs, but he sealed an agreement with Barcelona on personal terms, highlighting his desire to be part of the Catalan side.


Joao Felix, on the other hand, had fallen out of favor with Diego Simeone at Atletico Madrid, which opened the door for Barcelona to offer him an escape route. Despite interest from high-profile English clubs, Felix chose to join Barcelona, emphasizing his preference for the Catalan club.


The performances of both Portuguese internationals at Barcelona have been promising, making the club consider their permanent acquisition. Barcelona's sporting director, Deco, had previously stated that consistent performances throughout the season would be a key factor in deciding whether to offer them permanent deals.


As Barcelona aims to secure the services of Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo in the 2024 summer transfer window, they face the challenge of meeting the valuation demands of their respective clubs. With Atletico Madrid asking for €80 million and Manchester City seeking €25 million, Barcelona might need to raise significant funds to make these deals happen.


Barcelona is actively planning for the future with Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo as integral parts of their squad. The performances of these Portuguese talents have left a positive impression on the club.


Still, the financial aspects and negotiations with Atletico Madrid and Manchester City will play a crucial role in determining whether these loan deals turn into permanent transfers. Barcelona's fans eagerly await the summer of 2024 to see if these talented players will continue to shine in the Blaugrana colors.