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Chelsea Targets 21-Year-Old Star After Offloading Mount

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Mason Mount
Former Chelsea midfielder Mason Mount (Shutterstock) |

In a shocking turn of events, Chelsea Football Club is on the verge of parting ways with their beloved midfielder, Mason Mount, as the 21-year-old star is set to undergo a medical at arch-rivals Manchester United over the weekend. The upcoming departure of one of their own has left Chelsea fans with mixed emotions, eagerly anticipating what's to come.


The summer transfer window has been a whirlwind for Chelsea, as they have been under immense pressure to comply with Financial Fair Play restrictions.


Todd Boehly, the club's owner, and the entire management have been working tirelessly to offload several first-team and fringe players to balance the books and ensure the club's financial stability. While this approach may have saved the Blues from further financial complications, it has come at the cost of losing some key players.


Mason Mount, who has been an integral part of Chelsea's squad since making his senior debut, reportedly expressed a desire to continue his journey with the club he grew up supporting.


However, friction arose due to contract negotiations, and Mount was disheartened by the club's refusal to meet his salary demands. This unfortunate impasse left the young Englishman with no option but to seek opportunities elsewhere, leading him to Manchester United.



Mason Mount strikes a pose with trophy after winning the UCL with Chelsea FC
Posing with the UCL trophy (Mason Mount/Instagram)



The talented midfielder's departure will undoubtedly leave a void at Stamford Bridge, and Chelsea's management is already on the lookout for a worthy replacement. With limited time to secure a new signing, the pressure is on to find a player who can fill the shoes of the outgoing star and contribute significantly to the team's success.


Rumors are circulating regarding Chelsea's pursuit of a 21-year-old star, whose name is yet to be disclosed. While the club's officials have remained tight-lipped about the potential signing, speculations suggest that negotiations are in an advanced stage.


As the news of Mason Mount's imminent move to Manchester United circulates, fans have taken to social media to express their gratitude for the midfielder's dedication and contributions to the club.


The hashtag #ThankYouMason has been trending, with fans reminiscing about Mount's memorable goals, assists, and passion for the club's blue shirt. Many have expressed disappointment over the circumstances that led to his departure, while others have wished him the best in his new adventure.


While the upcoming season holds uncertainty for Chelsea, with a new manager at the helm and potential changes in the squad, there is an air of optimism among the fans. They eagerly await news of the club's next signing, hoping it will be a player capable of making an immediate impact and adding to the team's success on the pitch.


Amid these developments, Chelsea's management has called upon fans to remain patient and trust the club's vision for the future. With the summer transfer window still open, there is time to secure valuable reinforcements and strengthen the squad for the challenges ahead. Though the coming days will undoubtedly be crucial for Chelsea