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Chief's Cornerback L’Jarius Sneed Racks Trade Interest With Franchise Tag

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
L’Jarius Sneed
L’Jarius Sneed | YT

Amidst the buzz of the NFL offseason, one name that has surfaced prominently in trade discussions is Kansas City Chiefs' cornerback L’Jarius Sneed.


With the Chiefs placing the franchise tag on Sneed, speculation about his future with the team has swirled.


Within NFL circles, the Chiefs are believed to be seeking a second-round selection in exchange for the talented cornerback. This desire for a high draft pick has piqued the interest of several teams across the league.


One of the primary reasons behind the Chiefs' openness to trade Sneed lies in the uncertainty surrounding his contract situation.


Despite attempts to negotiate an extension, talks have stalled, leaving both parties at an impasse.


The Chiefs face the dilemma of either trading Sneed now for maximum value or risking losing him to free agency next offseason and potentially receiving a compensatory third-round pick.



The versatility and skill set that Sneed brings to the table has caught the attention of numerous NFL teams.


His ability to excel in both man and zone coverage and his experience playing inside and outside cornerback positions makes him a valuable asset for any team needing secondary help.


Pro Football Focus' lead analyst, Sam Monson, believes that Sneed's skill set makes him a coveted commodity in the trade market.


He asserts that several teams should be eager to acquire Sneed, considering his proven performance as a top-tier cornerback.


The Detroit Lions and the Tennessee Titans have expressed interest in Sneed. Both franchises have been mentioned as potential landing spots for the talented cornerback.


The Lions, in particular, have been highlighted as a team that could greatly benefit from adding Sneed to their roster. With the opportunity to secure a foundational piece for their defense, the Lions could significantly bolster their chances of success in the upcoming seasons.


However, the Lions and Titans are not the only teams eyeing Sneed. Reports suggest that multiple teams, including the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and Jacksonville Jaguars, have expressed interest in acquiring the Chiefs' cornerback.


The looming deadline for long-term contract negotiations adds urgency to the situation. Both sides have until mid-July to agree on an extension, or the Chiefs could explore trade options before the NFL's trade deadline.


For the Chiefs, the potential return in a trade hinges on the quality of the draft pick offered by the acquiring team.


While the Lions may be willing to part ways with a lower second-round pick, teams like the Patriots or Titans could offer selections as high as the early second round.


In summary, the Chiefs find themselves at a crossroads with L’Jarius Sneed. While they value his contributions to the team, the uncertainty surrounding his contract situation has prompted them to explore trade options. With multiple teams expressing interest in acquiring the talented cornerback, the Chiefs face a crucial decision regarding Sneed's future with the franchise.