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Cincinnati Reds Completes Signing Free Agent Pitcher Despite Poor Season Performance

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Emilio Pagan
Emilio Pagan | Shutterstock

The Cincinnati Reds are actively shaping their roster for the upcoming season, and one significant move in this effort is the recent signing of veteran right-handed reliever Emilio Pagan.


The two-year, $16 million deal, initially reported by Mark Feinsand of MLB.com, has ignited discussions among baseball enthusiasts, offering optimism and scrutiny given Pagan's performance history.


Pagan's journey to Cincinnati follows a successful 2023 season with the Minnesota Twins, where he demonstrated his pitching prowess by maintaining a 2.99 ERA across 66 games. This performance caught the attention of the Reds, who are strategically seeking to reinforce their bullpen to contend in a highly competitive league.


However, as with any player acquisition, some questions and considerations accompany Pagan's arrival. One notable aspect is the evolution of his pitching style.


Over the last two seasons, Pagan has incorporated a splitter into his repertoire, diversifying his approach beyond the conventional 4-seam and cutter pitches.


While this adaptability showcases Pagan's commitment to refining his skills, it also raises uncertainties about how this change may impact his overall effectiveness.


Digging into Pagan's statistical performance during the 2023 season reveals a mixed bag of promising and cautionary signs. His ERA of 2.99 is undoubtedly impressive, indicating an ability to navigate the challenges of Major League hitting.


However, a closer look at his career-low strikeout rate raises eyebrows, prompting questions about whether he can replicate this success in a different team environment.


Furthermore, Pagan's historical susceptibility to home runs adds an intriguing layer to his signing, given the hitter-friendly confines of the Great American Ball Park.


Throughout his career, Pagan has grappled with a higher-than-average home run rate. The Reds, aware of this, seem confident in their ability to help Pagan mitigate this vulnerability and maintain the positive trajectory he exhibited in 2023, where he averaged a career-low 0.65 homers per nine innings.




The Reds' decision to pursue Pagan aligns with their broader strategy for the offseason. With the team's president, Bob Castellini, expressing a commitment to spending money and addressing roster needs, Pagan's signing could be the initial step in fortifying the bullpen. The departure of Buck Farmer via free agency created a void that Pagan, with his experience and versatility, could potentially fill.


Financially, the Reds seem capable of accommodating Pagan's contract within their payroll structure.


With key players such as Joey Votto approaching free agency, the team's only guaranteed contracts were previously held by Hunter Greene and backup catcher Luke Maile, whose combined earnings for 2024 amount to $6 million. This financial flexibility puts the Reds in a position to move further in the highly competitive free-agent market.


While Pagan's arrival is met with cautious optimism, the Reds acknowledge the need for further enhancements to the pitching staff.


Whether acquiring a quality starting pitcher or adding high-leverage arms to the bullpen, the team recognizes that more work is required to build on the success of their 82-win club from the 2023 season, filled with promising young talent.

In conclusion, Emilio Pagan's signing signifies a calculated move by the Cincinnati Reds to fortify their bullpen and contend in the upcoming seasons. The veteran reliever brings a mix of experience, adaptability, and potential, making him a valuable addition to the team's roster.