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"We've Got to Play Basketball!" - Laker's Ham On Improving Performance

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Darvin Ham head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers
Darvin Ham | YT

After what seems like an event that should put the Lakers on their backs for this season, Darvin Ham decides that no such thing is happening as he chooses to adopt a no-nonsense approach toward the team for the rest of the season.


The Lakers are in a tight spot. They struggle to tenth place with a record of 21-22.


Ham, whose coaching position has received many complaints, delivered an intensive warning to the struggling team following the heartbreaking 112-130 loss to the Brooklyn Nets.


"We can't feel sorry for ourselves and make excuses," Ham emphasized. "It’s over for the excuses. We got to play basketball."



Despite housing great stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers have struggled to find consistency throughout the season.


Ham's rigid lineup changes have compounded the team's woes, which is evident in their 14th rank in defensive rating and 22nd rank in offensive rating.


Such a performance is far from acceptable for a team boasting offensive firepower to this extent.


The Lakers are a team that is considered one to contend with after they advanced to the Western Conference Finals last season, and yet this season, they are barely standing strong. 


The fact that the team houses enough talent to take it to a position higher than it is currently makes fans even more furious.


Seeing this attitude in his team, Ham has decided that it is time to stop being soft with them and go hard, believing there is no time for excuses anymore.


"It’s over for the excuses, man. We got to play basketball," Ham declared.


LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the pillars of the Lakers' success, must lead the team in responding to Ham's call for a renewed commitment to their strategy and a display of unwavering desire on the court.


The current season's struggles have heightened the need for a turnaround, and Ham's tough-love approach signals a departure from the status quo.


While some suggest that a trade might offer a short-term solution to the team's struggles, the primary focus remains on rallying the current roster to play for their coach.


The front office faces a key decision – stand by Ham and hope for an internal change, or contemplate a coaching change to put new motivation into the team.


For the Lakers, the issue at hand is not a lack of talent but rather a lack of motivation.


Ham's measures to instill discipline and urgency within the team are crucial for their success this season.


Whether it's a deep postseason run or a coaching adjustment, something needs to change, and it needs to happen now.