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Dillon Danis Viral Video of Logan Paul's Fiance May Be Cooked

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Logan Paul and girlfriend Nina Agdal look intently at each other during a meal
Logan Paul and girlfriend Nina Agdal | Logan Paul/YT

A trending video that was earlier shared by Dillion Danis which many social media users believe to feature Logan Paul's fiance Nina Agdal has been confirmed not to be true but rather a cooked story. 


The video came up just after Logan fought with Dillion, who dug out Nina's Agdal's relationship history in an attempt to revenge and mess up with Paul, but several reports have disregarded the claims saying that the lady in the video is not Nina.


Danis gained reasonable traffic on the site due to the trending talks about his upcoming fight with Logan Paul, which was set for October. Danis has vigorously promoted the match and targeted Logan Paul and his fiancée, Nina Agdal.

In the video Dillion shared, a lady he believes to be Nina was seen in a confidential scene with an older man. The woman was seen revealing her private part. Dillion also said that he has several other videos of Nina in such an intimate situation, and he so badly wants to share them he can't imagine how the videos would break the internet, and he's so excited about the thought of it.

"I so much want to drop these nudes of Nina that I have with me, it really would break the internet,” Dillion Danis stated.

The fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis got heated when the star MMA stress passed with their fight on the 14th of October. Paul had announced his return to the ring on the 8th of August, which triggered Dillion to begin the social media trolling and consequently harassing Logan Paul and making silly remarks about his fiance, Nina which made Paul retaliate by calling Nikki Danis, Dillon's mum, a prostitute.


Logan Paul
Logan Paul | (Shutterstock)

Logan Paul Issues Public Apologies To Dillon's Mother, Nikki Danis

Amidst the trolling saga, the former YouTube, now WWE champion took his time to publicly apologize to his opponent's mother, Nikki Danis, for his harsh words towards her and calling her a prostitute. The unending trolling has made social media users question the ethics and decency of both fighters on the internet, and many fans have demanded that a line be drawn to stop the unending fight.

In his words, he said, "Nikki, I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to call you that. I’m very sorry, I didn’t wanna do that, To God I swear. And I did do it because I was pressured to the breaking point. Because caused my opponent over but I shouldn’t have hit low to his level. I shouldn’t have Nikki, I’m very sorry. You nurtured a juicy head, and forced me to get to a place I never wanted to go,” Paul sent his public apology.