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UFC Star Faces 3 Months Jail Time for Drunk Driving

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Israel Adesanya poses for a selfie holding a glass
Israel Adesanya | Stylebender/Instagram

After Being Caught Drunk Driving, UFC Star Wrestler Israel Adesanya Is Subject To Three Months Jail Time.


Israel Adesanya has been Subject to undergo jail time of three months after he was caught drunk driving on the highway of Auckland on the 19th of  August. He was diagnosed with a total of 87 mg of alcohol in his body system at the ratio of 100 milliliters of blood which is way over the legal limit of  50mg per 100ml of blood in alignment with the law of Zealand.


Hearing from the court stated that Israel was charged with drunk driving a car on Wellesley Street in the center of Auckland. According to reports, Israel was driving home after he had dinner with his friends when he was caught drunk driving. He has pulled aside and an evidentiary blood test was carried out, which revealed the results.


Israel Adesanya then appeared in court several weeks after the incident to plead guilty to the charge. He also apologized for his attitude.


He said, "I am so much disappointed for my decision to drive on that day. It was very wrong.  I want to sincerely apologize to everyone, my family, my team, and my community, for my decision to take charge of the wheel after drinking so much at dinner. I am aware that few people follow me, and this is why I want them to know that my behavior that night was very wrong and unacceptable."


The maximum penalty for Israel's charge is a fine of $4,500 or a jail term of three months. But the court sentence hearing is stated for the 1st of January 2024.


Earlier this month, the former middleweight champion experienced a crushing loss that resulted in him losing his title. During his wrestling match against Sean Strickland, he was overthrown for nearly 30 minutes. This marks his second loss out of his last three fights and brings his overall record to 4-3 in his past seven octagon appearances.


Isreal Adesanya's next fight date is not yet announced, but loyal fans can't wait to see the champion up and back to his place.