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James Harden Implies Sixers Stint Was Like "Being on a Leash"

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
James Harden Jumps up to net a basketball
James Harden | Shutterstock

In a highly anticipated move, former MVP James Harden is set to make his debut for the Los Angeles Clippers, starting alongside stars like Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, and Ivica Zubac.


The trade that brought him to the Clippers from the Philadelphia 76ers was one of the most talked-about transactions in the NBA. However, what has captured even more attention is Harden's candid commentary on his time with the Sixers.


Harden's "Leash" Remark


During his introductory news conference with the Clippers, James Harden openly expressed his views on his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers. He used a striking metaphor, describing his time in Philly as "being on a leash." This statement has since created a buzz in the basketball world and has sparked conversations about his role in the team.


The Trade Demand and Relationship with Sixers


Harden didn't mince words when addressing the circumstances that led to his trade demand. He claimed to have given up a substantial amount of money to play for the Sixers and had initially planned to retire there. However, he pointed out that things changed when he felt that the team no longer wanted him.


The breakdown in his relationship with Daryl Morey, the president of basketball operations for the Sixers, was a significant factor in his desire to leave the team.


Harden's Role in Philly


While it's easy to mock Harden's "leash" comment, it's important to look deeper into his perspective, despite leading the NBA in assists last season and being an integral part of the Sixers' offence.


Harden pointed out that his usage rate was at its lowest since 2012, mainly due to Joel Embiid's presence. This remark raises questions about the dynamics of the team and the utilization of Harden's unique skill set.


The "I'm Not a System Player, I Am a System"

During his conference, Harden made a significant statement that stood out: "I'm not a system player, I am a system." While some may interpret this as a revelation of his ball-dominant style, the statement holds a deeper meaning.


Harden desires a collaborative and communicative relationship with his coach, one where they can work together to make in-game adjustments. This comment emphasizes the importance of trust and dialogue between a player of his caliber and the coaching staff.


The Doc Rivers Factor

James Harden performing a dunk
James Harden | Shutterstock

Harden's criticism of former Sixers coach Doc Rivers' in-game adjustments also sheds light on the factors contributing to his frustration. It's evident that the relationship between player and coach is crucial in maximizing the potential of a talent like Harden.


James Harden's "leash" comment and his subsequent clarifications have ignited discussions about his tenure with the Philadelphia 76ers. While some may view his statements as divisive, they also shed light on the challenges of balancing a star player's individuality with the team's needs.


As Harden takes the court for the Los Angeles Clippers, the basketball world will watch closely to see how he integrates into his new team and whether his comments about being on a leash will resonate in his future performances.