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James Harden's Injury Added Boost to 76ers as They Conquer Wizards

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read

James Harden (Credit: Shutterstock)

James Harden is back from injury and is a huge boost for the 76ers after helping them win against the Washington Wizards on a Sunday night. James Harden had 18 points and 14 assists, and Joel Embiid scored 34 points to help the Philadelphia 76ers to get a win over the Wizards. The Philadelphia 76ers have won their five games in a row and will be looking to continue the tally. The team is obviously eyeing the top 2 seed position and is willing to compete with other teams to reach that position. With James Harden's stats showing their preparedness, the 76ers might soon be at the top. 

Other team members contributed to the win as Tobias Harris added 11 points and De'Anthony Melton 10 for the 76ers. This contribution helps the 76ers keep the pressure on Milwaukee and Boston for the top two seeds. But it won't be easy for the team as seven of their next eight games are on the road. The crowded Eastern Conference will be tough, as teams are playing more organized and with the intent to reach the top. 

James Harden injury
James Harden got an injury while playing

While speaking about the game, Embiid said the team worked hard to reach their goal that day. He also hoped that the results would remain positive. "When you are not playing the fourth quarter, that usually means something good. Everyone contributed to us," Embiid added. James Harden, on the other hand, said they played beautifully during the game. With James Harden's career points increasing, the 76ers starman would want to extend it further. 

" We did a really good job of being physical and switching. We were able to guard shots, spread the floor and get dribble penetration. It's just beautiful basketball," James Harden said while speaking about the game. 

Wizards Coach Said they Couldn't Keep Up 

While speaking about the game, the Wizards coach said they couldn't keep up with the intensity James Harden, and his teammates were bringing to the table. They made the right switches and consistently showed physicality in the game. James Harden himself confirmed that they played intense basketball that day. 

"The biggest thing was that we didn't have any pace in the half court. Beyond just getting the ball up, but trying to play off the dribble too much instead of the power of the swing pass and letting the offense work for you," Wizards coach Wes Unseld Jr. said. Washington Wizards have been lagging in their recent games as they have allowed other teams to pick points that would have been of help to them. If they don't change their focus and start competing intensely, it might be a long road for them in the remaining season. 

Conversely, the Philadelphia 76ers' defense has been having issues, but this was not the case while playing with the Washington Wizards. Within the last six games they have played, they have allowed 119.2 points a game. To make it worse for their defensive record, they allowed 41% from behind the 3-point line. But the good news is that James Harden is back and immensely contributes to the team's success. In their last game, he contributed 18 points and 14 assists and will be looking forward to making more points.