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Jannik Sinner Made an Unexpected Addition to His Busy Tournament List

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By Erika John - - 5 Mins Read
Jannik Sinner during the Australian Open 2024 Grand Slam tennis tournament on January 23, 2024.
Jannik Sinner at the Australian Open 2024 Grand Slam tennis tournament | Victor Velter / Shutterstock

Well-skilled tennis player and world number 2 Jannik Sinner has added a new schedule to his already busy tournament for 2024 which will be coming up in a few weeks before the Roland Paro games in Paris.

Normally, players take off one or two weeks after the Wimbledon tournament but Jannik Sinner has made clear his intentions to participate in another event.

Sinner would be playing at the Swedish Open which is just a couple weeks off his tournament in Paris.

He said: "Hey fam, it's your guy Jannik here, I am pleased to announce to you that I will be participating in Bastad this year. Everyone says it's awesome and I look forward to being at the event. [...] This would be my first time attending the event and I can't wait to see you there". 

Jannik Sinner's ranking would now be mounting pressure on Novak Djokovic, a Serbian player whose ATP ranking hit the top in his 422nd week.

Djokovic has retained his No 1 in the US Open title after he hijacked the position from Carlos Alcaraz last September.

If Djokovic attended the Real Madrid Open, he would have earned the chance to retain the position for three weeks more but his decision to skip the event has opened a glaring opportunity for Jannik Sinner.

Although Djokovic has an advantage of 1,330 points, Jannik's performance at the Spanish capital could run deep through the ranks at the Italian Open, and if Jannik does well to win the Madrid title, he could step up to challenge Djokovic for Rome's No. ranking.

Jannik Sinner ATP Paris ranks (9,990) 2nd on the board with Novak Djokovic ranking (8,660) First followed by Carlos Alcaraz (8,145).

Jannik Sinner has a leading point of 515 from Alcaraz Carlos but the space might grow over the next two weeks.

With Alcaraz defending the champion, he will be dropping 1,000 points, and this might be dangerous as he would be creating an opportunity for Danil Medvedev to overtake with barely 150 points ahead In the Live Ranking Board.

Although the top ten players on the ATP ranking remain the same, Casper Ruud has gone ahead of Stefanos Tsitsipas claiming the sixth (4,480) rank leaving the Greece player in the seventh (4,030) rank.


Jannik Sinner ATP Ranking On Top 10 

Names Points
Novak Djokovic     9,990
Jannik Sinner  8,660 
Danil Medvedev 7,085 
Carlos Alcaraz  8,145
Alexander Zverev 5,425
Casper Ruud 4,480
Stefanos Tsitsipas 4,030 
Andrey Rublev 3,830
Hubert Hurkacz 3,675 
Grigor Dimitrov  3,640