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Kansas City Royals Announces Bo Johnson in Hall of Fame

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Bo Jackson pictured outside of Spago restaurant
Bo Jackson | Bart Sherkow/Shutterstock

Bo Jackson has just been elected into the royal hall by the Kansas City Royals Hall of Farmers committee and will now be immortalized in the Hall.


The City Royals Hall of Farmers Committee announced on Wednesday that he would be inducted on the 29th of June 2024 at the Kauffman Stadium open field. Bo Jackson is a former standout at the MCAdory High School.


Jackson has played for five seasons with the Royals, the outfielder batted leadoff for the Americans in 1989 during the league in the MLB All-Star game and conquested to begin the bottom of the first, Jackson later became the first player to attain a home run in the content and grab a base in the All-Star Games.


George Bret, 13-time All-Star and former third Royals baseman said in an interview with the team "I'm super happy for my friend Bobo to get the call, he has been the most exciting player I've known so far, you'll see him do the things that other humans could barely do with baseball and football,  he is one of the best athletes of our time and it's an honor to finally welcome him into the Royals Hall of Fame where he truly belongs."


In the 1989 season, Jackson finished with 32 home runs and batted in 105, the new Hall of Fame member returned to play football for Los Angeles for four seasons after the end of his baseball season.

Bo Jackson's Hall of Fame call was also a surprise to him, he expressed his excitement, "I was totally floored when I heard the news, one thing with me is that each time I think about my time with Kansas City, it's not always about what I did on the field, it's the relationship and friendship I made from the time I was there and I still have close friendship with some of the guys."


The Kansas City Royals hall of farmers committee considers that the candidacy of non field players, personnel and managers are no longer valid  for election in regular voting space.


The committee is made up of 16 voting members who are carefully selected by the board consisting of Hall of Fame Members and members of Royal executive and media.


Bo Jackson attained his very Major League debut on 2nd September, 1986, when he  made his first career hit, he made his first homer twelve days later a 475-foot shot which was the first longest hit at Royals Stadium at the time.


Jackson sustained a hip injury during a playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Jan. 13, 1991, which marked the end of Jackson’s football career and shortened his baseball career.


In three more MLB seasons,  Jason played a total of 183 games – two with the White Sox Chicago and another one with the California Angels.