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McLaren Boss on What Needs to Be Done to Keep Winning

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
McLaren F1 car during the DUTCH F1 Grand Prix in ZANDVOORT Netherlands.
McLaren F1 | Jay Hirano Photography / Shutterstock.com

McLaren's journey from a sluggish start in 2023 to clinching F1 wins in little over a year is truly remarkable.

Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri aren't just contenders; they're proving formidable challengers on the track. The McLaren F1 drivers are making their mark.

Andrea Stella took the reins of McLaren's F1 operation, succeeding Andreas Seidl last season. He swiftly revamped the technical department with the same crew behind the initial MCL60 and its game-changing upgrade. Stella doesn't hog the spotlight; he ensures credit is shared among the team.

Under Stella's leadership, McLaren has transformed significantly, surpassing expectations.

Despite a challenging start in 2023, McLaren rallied to claim victory over Red Bull Racing in Miami, marking a turning point for the team.

This win and previous McLaren F1 victories showcases the team's resurgence and solidifies McLaren as a serious contender in Formula 1.

In a recent interview with Speedcafe, Stella openly expressed his lack of confidence despite McLaren's recent successes. This honest revelation from the team boss shed light on the uncertainties within McLaren, even in the face of their recent wins.

Perched above the pit lane in Monaco, Stella acknowledged the team's recent achievements, such as their triumph in Miami and a close call in Imola. However, he emphasized the need for consistent performance to cement McLaren's position.

Stella stressed the importance of consistently performing to maintain McLaren's winning streak. He also emphasized the collective effort required from everyone involved to ensure the success of ongoing projects within the team.


Andrea Stella sitting for an interview
Andrea Stella in an interview | YT


Stella sets an example by giving credit where it's due and owing up to mistakes without hesitation.

After the penalty in Imola, he promptly shouldered the blame for Oscar Piastri's grid position drop, acknowledging the team's failure to support Piastri adequately.

However, Stella also uplifts his team, recognizing their hard work at every opportunity.

When asked about McLaren's first win under his leadership in Miami, he redirected the focus to praise the team's collective efforts.

“Leaders need to lead by simple and clear objectives to the people that can then be empowered to do their job,” Stella reasoned, emphasizing the importance of clear direction.

He added, “This is the only thing I know. There are a few more, but I don't want to disclose our approach to things,” hinting at McLaren's strategic approach without revealing too much.

Stella focuses on people and processes, trusting that outcomes will follow suit. He believes in the philosophy that "results come to us," rather than actively chasing them.

Under Stella's guidance, McLaren has shown significant development progress since last year. Despite initially missing development targets, the team remained composed and committed to addressing the issues.

Starting with a modest upgrade in Azerbaijan, McLaren built momentum with a substantial package in Austria. Despite Red Bull Racing's slowing development rate, McLaren has maintained an impressive upward trajectory.

Stella's confidence stems from his belief in the correlation between work ethic and confidence. He argues that confidence comes from the work one puts in, not from external factors like seeing a psychiatrist.

However, in the fiercely competitive world of Formula 1, Stella admits he's never fully confident. With everyone striving for the same goal, uncertainty looms, and McLaren's future remains unpredictable.