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How Bizzare Diet is Helping NBA Star Stay in Form

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Mikel Bridges
Mikel Bridges | NBA/YT

In the world of pro sports, athletes are all about getting their bodies in top shape so they can win.


Mikal Bridges, an NBA superstar, is killin' it when it comes to winning. What's even more intriguing is that he's always chowing down on Chipotle.


Bridges, a key player for the Brooklyn Nets, recently talked about how he has been following an unusual diet for ten years.


This caught the attention of all his eager fans and started a conversation about how nutrition can help an athlete stay successful.


The 26-year-old, who has been called the "reigning iron man" of the NBA, has played in every game of his career, a record 423 straight games.


Bridges' achievement goes beyond the physical demands of professional basketball. It also involves digestive strength.


The NBA star is proud to say that his stomach is as tough as he is on the court. A video that went viral showed Bridges honestly admitting that he had eaten a Chipotle every day for ten years. This showed how an athlete's food choices can be very different.


The NBA is known for having a busy schedule and games that are hard on the body. To stay at the top of their game, players have to follow strict diet and training plans.


Bridges' ability to keep up both an amazing streak of games played in a row and a daily Chipotle habit shows how physical and gastronomic endurance can work hand-in-hand.


As reliable as Bridges's play on the court, his daily Chipotle order has become the same. He likes a burrito bowl with crisp lettuce, white rice, double chicken, no beans, and a mix of medium and mild salsa as his main dish.



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The consistency of his diet is reflected in how reliable he is on the court, which creates an interesting story about how certain foods affect an athlete's health and performance.


This daily food commitment costs $16.20, which doesn't seem like a big deal when you think about how much the NBA pays for food each day.


The NBA gives each player $156 a day while they're on the road. This shows that the league knows how important nutrition is for staying in top shape.


Even though Bridges had an amazing streak and was very good about what he ate, it was a surprise when the Nets decided to rest him during a recent game. Bridges told the New York Post that he "definitely wasn't a fan" of the rest and that he "never" needed a break to show that he didn't agree with the decision.


This dissatisfaction, which may have been caused by his constant Chipotle routine, draws attention to the fine line between resting your body and keeping up your best performance during the NBA season.


Rumors are circulating that a team has offered four first-round picks for Bridges. He currently has a contract with the Nets that runs through the 2025-26 season. His impressive career has not gone unnoticed, leading to ongoing trade talks.


However, an interesting condition has come up in these discussions: the team that acquires Bridges must have a Chipotle restaurant close to the arena.


This unusual requirement is making negotiations more difficult and highlights the unique role Bridges' nutritional commitment plays in his work life.


Mikal Bridges' unique but intriguing diet provides a fresh perspective on the complex relationship between an athlete's diet and their performance on the court. Despite his unorthodox eating habits, the NBA's "Iron Man" continues to surprise everyone.


One thing is clear: following an unconventional diet can help you maintain your edge in sports. As Bridges continues to set records for consecutive games played and Chipotle meals consumed, the NBA community looks on in amazement and interest at this unconventional blend of food and athletics.