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"I'm Loyal," Mike Trout Opens Up on Trade Speculations

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Mike Trout
Mike Trout | Debby Wong/Shutterstock

Amid trade rumors, MLB player Mike Trout reaffirmed loyalty to the Los Angeles Angels and discussed future plans.

There is a widely held belief that Mike Trout is one of the most talented players of his generation.

However, there are rumors circulating in the baseball world that he might be traded, even though he has always been a member of the Los Angeles Angels.

Some have speculated that Trout may choose to leave the team to pursue a championship elsewhere, as the Angels have only made it to the playoffs once during his tenure.

But what Trout said recently in talks with MLB.com Los Angeles Angels beat writer Rhett Bollinger and in Tempe, Arizona, makes it clear how committed he is to his current team.

Trout said he was open to the idea of a future trade, but he also stressed that such a move would be "the easy way out" and reiterated his desire to win a title with the Angels.

His allegiance to the Angels organization is evidenced by his signing of a $360 million extension with a no-trade clause in 2019.

Despite being cognizant of the difficulties and frustrations of the past few seasons, Trout remains resolute in his conviction that triumph with the Angels outweighs pursuing opportunities elsewhere.

"The overall picture of winning a championship or getting to the playoffs here is bigger satisfaction [than] bailing out and just taking an easy way out, " Trout said.

"... So, I think that's been my mindset. Maybe down the road if something's changed, but that's been my mindset ever since the trade speculations came up."

The outfielder's commitment goes beyond words; he works directly with the Angels' front office to push for better team performance in the league.

Trout's efforts to improve the Angels' team through free agency show how much he wants to make them more competitive and try to make it to the playoffs.

Trout's loyalty is shown by how he treats his friends and the coaching staff.

He worked with the new Angels manager, Ron Washington, and other coaches, showing that he was involved in improving the organization.

Furthermore, Trout's ability to bounce back from problems shows his strength and determination.

Although injuries have kept Trout out of action for long periods in recent seasons, he is still determined to be the best.

Nonetheless, in recent statements, Trout did mention the need for the Angels to go for more talent to take the team to success.

In his words, 32-year-old Trout acknowledged, "There's a couple of guys out there still that can help this team better."

Mike Trout may not have enjoyed the best of a season after staying out for nearly half the year owing to a broken hamate bone injury

After managing 82 games, Trout barely edged .263/.367/.490 with 18 home runs and 44 RBIs.

However, the outfielder doesn't seem to write anything off yet. He affirmed his desire to always want to participate.

"Even if I'm 60%, I try to go out there and play", he said.