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NBA Blows Hot on Lillard, Cites Disciplinary Actions for Stubborn Players

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By Dewey Olson - - 5 Mins Read
Damian Lillard playing in the court
Damian Lillard (Shutterstock) |

After NBA player Damian Lillard declared that he would not be playing for other teams, The NBA disciplinary committee has sent a strict warning to all  30 teams, declaring that any other player who proposes that they will not accept their contract if they are traded to any team that is not of their choice either publicly or privately would face disciplinary action.


Portland Trail Blazer Quarterback Damian Lillard has been told that he would be severely disciplined if he continues with the record about his desire for a trade to Miami Heat. 


On July 1, Lillard shared his desire to be traded after he had spent his whole 11-season career with the Portland Trail Blazers. But both Lillard and his agent Godwin later assured the NBA that he would honor his contract obligations no matter where he is traded.


According to the league, Lillard and Goodwin were interviewed, along with several teams with whom Goodwin spoke. But Goodwin denied telling teams that Lillard would not honor or play for them even though the teams provided descriptions that were mostly consistent with Goodwin's statements


The memo was sent to general managers and first obtained by ESPN, warning that Lillard would face discipline by the league if he or his agent Aaron Goodwin makes additional comments saying that Lillard will fully perform the requirements of his contract in the event of a trade.


In 2012, Damian Lillard played college basketball for the Weber State Wildcats and earned third-team All-American honors. After he was selected by Portland with the sixth overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft, Lillard was then openly voted the NBA Rookie of the Year.


Damian has been selected for seven NBA All-Star and All-NBA Teams, a record in Trail Blazers franchise history. In October 2021, he was recognized as one of the NBA's all-time greats and named to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team. Additionally, Damian won a gold medal as part of the U.S. Olympic team in Tokyo in 2020. 


Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard rocking an NBA award (damianlillard/Instagram)

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Will Lillard Still Be Traded To Miami?

Although the NBA rules allow players and their agents to privately make requests for transfer to any club of their choice, the Miami Heat and Trail Blazers are yet to reach an agreement on the trade of Lillard.


According to the Blazer's general manager, Joe Cronin, the trade would be a little bit complicated considering Lillard's status as one of the NBA's star players and his high salary rate. He acknowledged that the process might take an amount of time, but they are going to be patient.


Cronin said, "We would do what's best for our team. We're going to be patient and see how this lands. Even if it takes months, so be it."