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3 Forefront Teams on the Line to Sign Colts Linebacker Shaquille

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Shaquille Leonard
Shaquille Leonard | Shutterstock/Adobe/VotMedia

The Indianapolis Colts' surprising decision to part ways with three-time All-Pro linebacker Shaquille Leonard has sent shockwaves through the NFL.


A former second-round pick and the 2018 Defensive Rookie of the Year, Leonard's playing time saw a significant dip, prompting the Colts to release him and potentially open the door for him to join a contending team.


Despite injuries taking a toll on Leonard, several teams are eager to capitalize on the remaining prowess in his tank. Here are three teams at the forefront of signing Shaquille Leonard and enhancing their defence for a playoff push.


Dallas Cowboys: Strengthening an Already Stout Defense


The Dallas Cowboys boast one of the league's premier defences, but the loss of Leighton Vander Esch due to a season-ending injury has created a void.


Rashaan Evans has stepped in admirably, but the opportunity to acquire Shaquille Leonard is a clear upgrade. With a formidable defensive line and a top-tier cornerback duo, the Cowboys are in prime position to make a deep playoff run.


Leonard doesn't need to replicate his 2018 performance; he just needs to be a dependable starter, a role well within his capabilities.


Philadelphia Eagles: Fortifying a Potential Super Bowl Contender

The Philadelphia Eagles, perched atop the NFC with a 9-1 record, possess one of the most well-rounded rosters in the league.


However, their Achilles' heel appears to be at linebacker, a position Howie Roseman neglected for years. With Nakobe Dean sidelined, the Eagles are vulnerable, and the looming threat from the Cowboys necessitates shoring up their defence.


Shaquille Leonard could be the missing piece that solidifies their chances of returning to the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year. His experience and skill set would significantly boost a team eyeing postseason success.


Los Angeles Chargers: Desperation for Defensive Reinforcements

Unlike the previous contenders, the Los Angeles Chargers are in a precarious position at 4-6, battling for a playoff spot.


Head coach Brandon Staley understands the urgency, recognizing that missing the postseason could have consequences. While Justin Herbert dazzles on offense, the Chargers' defence ranks among the league's worst. Shaquille Leonard could inject much-needed stability into their run defence and offer support against short passing plays.


The Chargers need a catalyst for change, and Leonard might be the key to turning around their defensive fortunes in the crucial push for a playoff berth.


In a surprising twist, the Minnesota Vikings have risen from a disastrous start to sneak into the playoff picture.


With key players like Josh Dobbs gaining popularity and the imminent return of Justin Jefferson, the Vikings are poised for a Cinderella story. However, their average defence may struggle against elite aerial attacks.


Shaquille Leonard won't single-handedly transform the unit, but he represents an upgrade that could elevate the Vikings' postseason aspirations.


In conclusion, as Shaquille Leonard becomes a coveted free agent, these three teams stand at the forefront, each with unique motivations and scenarios. The decision to sign Leonard could prove pivotal in shaping the defensive landscape for these contenders as they aim for a successful playoff campaign.