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What NY Jets Newest Uniform Designs Look Like

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
C.J Mosley modeling the New York Jets new uniform
Photo | New York Jets

On Sunday, Woody Johnson, the owner of the New York Jets, revealed during the Super Bowl that the team would be getting a new uniform for the new year season and also shared the New York Jets' new uniforms on the team's official website.

The New York Jets' new uniform, "The Legacy Collection," is designed more like the team uniform of the 1980s.

The team also wore a number of throwback tea jerseys and helmets in the 2023 seasons. 

Woody Johnson said in an interview, "We are pleasing the fans. " Our fans have continuously asked that we return to the root, and we listen to them. The new New York Jets uniform is specifically designed to reflect the peculiarity of the New York Jets while also updating the New York Jets logo, which our fans have come to recognize over the years."

However, compared to the uniform in the 1980s, there's an upgrade on the New York Jets' new uniform. The 1980's uniform is made up of two colors, white and green, but the New York Jets' new uniform comes with a black helmet and uniform.

Last season, the Jets fell in love with the new design, color, and logo. They honored the new uniform with a cool, stylish name: "Legacy White." The uniform was worn two different times, including the week when they played against the Bills.


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The New York Jets logo is the second rebrand that the team has had in five years, and fans are also embracing the New York Jets' new uniforms, tagging it as the "Legacy Green and black" after the "Legacy White" Collection in 2023.

The team President Hymie Elhai said in a statement: " Elevating the New York Jet uniform brings a new sense of freshness and unity, it also reveals our progress and unwavering commitment to deliver nothing but excellence to both our fans and players, we admonish our fans and players to stay true to our team root and heritage".

New York got the 10th pick in the NFL overall draft on April 25th, and they look forward to rebounding from the 7-10 seasons that followed Rodgers' injury.