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Patriots Supporter Slumps to Death After Brawl at Gillette Stadium

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
Front view of the Gillette stadium
The Gillette stadium | Shutterstock

After reports that one of the New England Patriot supporters who attended the New England game at Gillette Stadium on Sunday night slumped to death right on the spot, several questions have risen as to the cause. In a bid to offer answers, several narratives have been circulating online.


The victim was said to be in the 308-309 section of the stadium when the unexpected incident occurred. A fight had erupted during the game, and Dale Mooney, the deceased Patriot fan, happened to be in the middle of the fight. 


One of the fans who witnessed the incident said that gave an account of what happened. He said, "We saw a group of people standing near the area, and several people were filming with their phones."


Then a call had come in about 11 p.m. reporting that a man had suffered from a medical issue. But video footage recorded on the onlookers' cell phones revealed that the patriot fan got Into an argument with a Miami Dolphin fan.


The Miami Dolphins fan threw a punch at the patriot fan, who was later identified as Dale Mooney of Newmarket in New Hampshire, he was wearing the patriot jersey when the incident happened.


53-year-old Mooney went unconscious after the defeating blow. The district attorney for Norfolk County reported that the man was quickly taken to a hospital but later pronounced dead.


Officials of the Gillette Stadium released a statement about the incident on  Tuesday. “We are very sober to hear about the tragic death of patriotic supporter Dale Mooney, He was a long-time Patriot fan and a season ticket member of 30 years. He died during the last Patriots game on  Sunday night. We are still working with the local authorities to help with the ongoing investigation. We also extend our most sincere compassion and condolences to the family of Dale and to everyone who is mourning his loss," the stadium responded.


Gillette Stadium seating capacity is 68,829, with over 500 club seats and almost 90 club suites. 


Another man at the game said that he saw Mooney moving towards a group of fans on the 300-level of the stadium a few minutes before the end of the fourth quarter.


"He angrily grabbed another fan and they both wrestled for a few minutes before another man approached them and punched Mooney before walking out," the eyewitness said.


The Foxborough police district attorney’s office said that they were contacted after the incident at about 10:57 p.m. when it became scary and obvious that Mooney urgently needed medical attention, according to his statement on Monday.

Lisa, Mooney's wife, said he is a loving father of two, and it's very rare for him to get mad. She said, "He is as patient as a saint, I don't know about what happened".

She also said that her husband has no medical issues or complications and asked that an autopsy be carried out on her husband's body.