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Rangers Scoop 3 Free Agents on MLB's Top 50 Rankings

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
MLB Baseball Texas Rangers
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The Texas Rangers are making waves in the international free-agent market. They are ready to make the whole world of sports know this as they announce the signing of three top prospects, sealing their commitment to building an incredible future.


Outfielder Paulino Santana and shortstops Curley Martha and Yolfran Castillo are the latest Rangers' talent pool additions, each bringing their unique skills and potential to the organization.


Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Paulino Santana has captured attention as the #2 prospect on MLB Pipeline's international free agent rankings.


Considered a potential five-tool player, Santana's right-handed hitting excellence stands out, with Baseball America praising his spin recognition and strike zone judgment.


The MLB.com scouting report emphasizes his unique feel for the strike zone and the ability to make crucial adjustments, hinting at a promising future for the young outfielder.


Curley Martha ranked #29 on the MLB Pipeline board from Curacao, gaining recognition for his standout performance in the 2019 Little League World Series.


Described as a "pure hitter" with improved instincts, Martha's skills bring back memories of Jurickson Profar, another Curacao product that succeeded with the Rangers.

While both Pipeline and Baseball America acknowledge Martha's bat-first approach, there are indications that he may transition from shortstop in the future, a path previously taken by Profar.


Yolfran Castillo, a promising talent from Venezuela, secures the #46 spot on the Pipeline board. Like his counterparts Santana and Martha, Castillo earns positive reviews for his amazing "feel for hitting" and a solid understanding of the strike zone.


Standing tall and rangy, Castillo is seen as more likely than Martha to remain at shortstop, showcasing a well-rounded skill set that aligns with the Rangers' vision for their infield.


The Texas Rangers have strategically invested in these top talents, wielding a pool of $4,652,200 available to them.


The financial commitment emphasises the team's dedication to securing top-tier prospects for their farm system.


Notably, the Rangers faced a deduction of $1 million due to the previous offseason's signings of Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob deGrom as free agents. Still, this setback did not hinder their pursuit of premium international talent.


As the signing period unfolds, additional prospects are anticipated to join the Rangers' ranks. However, Santana, Martha, and Castillo emerge as the standout acquisitions, likely to receive the lion's share of the allocated pool money.


It's worth noting that players signing for $10,000 or less do not impact the bonus pool, allowing teams flexibility in securing additional promising talent.


Looking ahead, all three prospects are expected to kick off their professional journeys in the Dominican Summer League during the 2024 season.


While this developmental path is standard for international signings, the possibility of surprises remains, as seen with Sebastian Walcott in the previous year.


Santana, in particular, has drawn comparisons to San Diego's Ethan Salas, who rapidly ascended through the ranks, reaching AA within a year of signing. The excitement surrounding Santana suggests he could be a fast riser, mirroring Salas's impressive trajectory.


The Texas Rangers' strategic move to secure three top international free agents highlights their commitment to cultivating a powerhouse team for the future.


Santana, Martha, and Castillo bring diverse talents and potential to the organization, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in Rangers' baseball.