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Ravens Star Under Serious Backlash Over Comments on Joe Burrow's Injury

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By Abi Gibson - - 5 Mins Read
A football players helmet; Baltimore Ravens
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In the aftermath of the Baltimore Ravens' commanding 34-20 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, the football world was buzzing with the triumph and the controversy surrounding Ravens star linebacker Roquan Smith.


The focal point of this controversy emerged from Smith's comments on Joe Burrow's injury, triggering a tidal wave of severe backlash and prompting a broader discourse on sportsmanship within the NFL.


Prior to the game, the Ravens had already suffered a significant setback with the loss of tight end Mark Andrews, who was ruled out for the season due to an ankle injury.


However, the match's narrative took an unexpected turn when Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Joe Burrow exited the game in the second quarter with a hand injury, casting a shadow over the Ravens' victory.


During a passing play, Burrow took a brutal hit that caused immediate concern among fans and players. Despite managing to throw a touchdown pass to running back Joe Mixon, Burrow visibly displayed pain and struggled with arm mobility, leaving the stadium in an uneasy silence.


Trainers rushed to attend to him in the medical tent, revealing the severity of the injury and ultimately forcing him out of the remainder of the game. According to speculations, Burrow may be out for the entire season.



Burrow's inability to lift his arm above a 90-degree angle and the visible difficulty in gripping the ball highlighted the gravity of the situation, making it a defining moment in a game that was expected to be remembered for the Ravens' triumph. Little did anyone anticipate that the comments of Roquan Smith would dominate the post-game narrative.


In response to a reporter's inquiry regarding Burrow's injury, Smith delivered a statement that would prove to be highly controversial: "You know, he’s a great player. I’ve got a lot of respect for him, the way he plays the game. But, hey, injury’s part of the game so, you know, when you play the Ravens’ D, sometimes things like that happen."


Smith's seemingly dismissive attitude towards Burrow's injury and his suggestion that injuries are an inherent risk when facing the Ravens' defence ignited a firestorm on social media.


Fans, pundits, and fellow players took to various platforms to express their disapproval, with many questioning the appropriateness of such comments, particularly in the context of a serious injury to a fellow athlete.


The backlash extended beyond the digital realm, with fans expressing their displeasure at Smith's comments during interviews and press conferences.


The linebacker, typically known for his on-field prowess, found himself amid a public relations storm, with questions arising about the ethics of his commentary and the broader issue of sportsmanship within professional football.


This incident prompts a deeper exploration into the fine line between competition and sportsmanship in the NFL. While the nature of the sport dictates a level of physicality and intensity, players have an unwritten code of respect when it comes to acknowledging and empathizing with injuries.


Smith's comments seemed to defy this code, leaving fans and the football community grappling with where to draw the line between competitive banter and showing empathy for a fellow athlete's pain.


As the controversy unfolds, the Ravens organization may find itself compelled to address the situation to mitigate any potential long-term impact on their public image.