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Spence Reveals New Weight Target Ahead of Crawford Rematch

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Erroll Spence standing on a scale to weigh himself
errollspencejr/Instagram |

Errol Spence Jr, a dominant figure in the welterweight division, faces a significant crossroads following his highly anticipated clash against the undefeated Terence Crawford.


The upcoming fight is significant as it will crown the welterweight champion. However, Spence is hesitant to keep competing in the demanding 147-pound category due to the toll it takes on his body. This has led to many speculations about his future weight class and possible opponents, such as a rematch with Crawford.


Having adhered to the welterweight limit since his professional debut in 2012, Spence now believes he has outgrown the division. The process of making weight has grown increasingly challenging, and at 33 years old, he recognizes that subjecting his body to such extreme measures may not be sustainable. As a result, he has declared that his next fight will take place at the junior middleweight limit of 154 pounds, signaling his intent to move up in weight.


The prospect of a rematch with Crawford introduces another layer of complexity to Spence's weight-class dilemma. The winner of their initial encounter will have the option to dictate the weight limit for their potential second bout.


Should Crawford emerge victorious and choose to fight at welterweight again, Spence must weigh the value of avenging a potential first professional loss against the physical sacrifices required to make weight.


To navigate the challenges of making weight for his current showdown with Crawford, Spence has enlisted the support of a nutritionist and a dietician. While they assist him during training camp, Spence openly acknowledges the ongoing difficulty. He confidently asserts that this will be the last instance of undergoing such an arduous weight cut.


Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford pose with arms up
Errol Spence and Terence Crawford hit up the scales (errolspencejr/Instagram)


Spence's decision to venture into the junior middleweight division opens up a myriad of potential opponents, including notable names such as Jermell Charlo, Tim Tszyu, Brian Castano, and Sebastian Fundora. However, the allure of facing the pound-for-pound king, Canelo Alvarez, is undeniably enticing for Spence. He has expressed interest in competing in the super middleweight division, where his natural weight range lies between 165 to 168 pounds. Although his immediate focus is on the Crawford bout, Spence remains open to the possibility of crossing paths with Canelo in the future.


Amidst the weight class conundrum, mandatory challengers eagerly await a shot at the prestigious undisputed welterweight title. The WBA (Regular) welterweight champion, Eimantas Stanionis, has been named the mandatory challenger by the WBA for the winner of the Spence vs. Crawford fight. Additionally, Jaron Ennis, the interim IBF welterweight champion, awaits his title shot, adding another layer of complexity to Spence's plans.


Ultimately, the outcome of the Spence vs. Crawford showdown and the decisions made by both fighters will significantly shape the welterweight division's future landscape. Spence's determination to move up in weight and avoid future welterweight cuts may pave the way for the first-ever PPV event broadcast on TNT Sports Box Office, potentially featuring a rematch or future bouts in the super welterweight division. Nevertheless, the allure of claiming the undisputed welterweight championship and facing other pound-for-pound contenders may also sway Spence's future choices.


Boxing fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the Spence vs. Crawford fight on July 29. Once the fight is over, the aftermath is sure to captivate enthusiasts. It is uncertain whether Spence will continue in the welterweight division to fulfill mandatory challenges or move on to new weight classes and take on other elite fighters. Regardless, his next steps promise to provide an enthralling narrative in the sport of boxing.