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Tennis Umpire Bags 12-Year Suspension After Anti-Corruption Investigations

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read
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Bolivian Tennis Umpire Percy Flores Receives A 12-Years Suspension From Sports Activities. 

In recent Anti-corruption investigations, Tennis umpire Percy Flores was found guilty of augmenting scores. Findings revealed that she smoothly pulled off the corrupt practice of inputting wrong data scores with the help of another official onboard with the act.


The white badge tennis umpire Percy Flores, who did not bother to negotiate the ITIA's charges of a $15,000 fine, was discovered to have committed a total of 31 breaches of the Tennis Anti-corruption Program (TACP) between the period of November 2021 to October 2022 and has been suspended from all sports activities for 12 years. Her offences are similar to that of another umpire Fabián Carrero who was permanently banned for manipulating scores.


According to the Professor for Anti-Corruption Hearing Officer Richard McLaren, Flores' breaches of the TACP rules demand that she be sanctioned for 15 years concerning the sanctioning guidelines of the sport.


However, he considered a reduction of three years' suspension due to alleviating circumstances because the umpire was quick to admit the charges and the general good conduct during the investigation process.


These game rules are established to protect everyone and give details on how members must report any corrupt activities. It also includes the list of all offences in the game, including courtsiding, match-fixing, and other corrupt practices.


An ITIA statement reads: "Today, the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) confirms that Bolivian tennis official Percy Flores has been officially suspended from all sports activities for 12 years and also issued a $15,000 fine charges for the uncountable reaches of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program."


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Flores' suspension is effective from the start of their provisional suspension on December 8, 2022, and will last until December 7, 2034. During this time, Flores is prohibited from participating in or attending any tennis events authorized or sponsored by the governing bodies of tennis.


"The ITIA is a body independently established by the International Governing Bodies of Tennis to encourage, promote, safeguard, and enhance the integrity of all professional tennis members worldwide."

The Flores Suspension happened after a recent, high-rated betting corruption scandal of former ATP top profile player Mark Philippoussis. He was also fined and sanctioned a suspended sentence by the ITA after he admitted to receiving bribes to promote a gambling operator.


However, that didn't serve as a good warning enough for the Australian player as he went back to the coaching team of Stefanos Tsitsipas merely a few days after receiving the suspension ban and fine.