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The First AI Euro 2024 Prediction

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By Christian Webster - - 5 Mins Read
Artificial intelligence robot figure in programming language background
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The excitement for Euro 2024 is palpable, with fans and analysts eagerly debating who will emerge as the champion in Germany. We've dived deep into the predictions, consulting with our favorite AI, and inputting all the relevant data to bring you a thrilling forecast of the tournament's progression.

Note: These predictions are speculative and intended for entertainment purposes only. The actual outcomes may vary significantly.

Group Stage Predictions

Luka Modric in action for Croatia
Luka Modric | Vlad1988 / Shutterstock.com

Group A:

Teams: Germany, Scotland, Hungary, Switzerland


Germany vs. Scotland: 2-0

Hungary vs. Switzerland: 1-1

Germany vs. Hungary: 2-1

Scotland vs. Switzerland: 1-1

Germany vs. Switzerland: 3-0

Scotland vs. Hungary: 2-1

Teams to Advance: Germany and Scotland

Explanation: Germany, as the host nation, has the home advantage and a strong squad featuring key players like Joshua Kimmich and Jamal Musiala, ensuring their progression. Scotland, an underdog, has shown significant improvements under Steve Clarke, with talents like Scott McTominay and Andrew Robertson driving their success. Scotland's recent form and tactical discipline make them capable of edging out stronger opponents (sources: Planet Football, The Independent).

Group B:

Teams: Spain, Croatia, Italy, Albania


Spain vs. Croatia: 2-1

Italy vs. Albania: 3-0

Spain vs. Italy: 1-1

Croatia vs. Albania: 2-0

Spain vs. Albania: 3-0

Italy vs. Croatia: 2-2

Teams to Advance: Spain and Italy

Explanation: Spain’s young, dynamic squad features rising stars like Pedri and Gavi, making them strong contenders. Italy’s defensive solidity and tactical acumen under Roberto Mancini ensure their advancement. Despite Croatia’s experience and talents like Luka Modric, they might struggle against the top-tier teams in their group (source: 90min.com).

Group C:

Teams: Slovenia, Denmark, Serbia, England


Slovenia vs. Denmark: 0-2

Serbia vs. England: 1-2

Slovenia vs. Serbia: 1-1

Denmark vs. England: 1-2

Slovenia vs. England: 0-3

Denmark vs. Serbia: 2-1

Teams to Advance: England and Denmark

Explanation: England’s attacking depth, with players like Harry Kane and Jude Bellingham, and Denmark’s solid squad, featuring Christian Eriksen and Rasmus Højlund, give them the edge. Serbia and Slovenia will put up strong fights but fall short against the top teams in this competitive group (sources: Planet Football, The Independent).

Group D:

Teams: Poland, Netherlands, Austria, France


Poland vs. Netherlands: 1-2

Austria vs. France: 0-2

Poland vs. Austria: 2-1

Netherlands vs. France: 1-2

Poland vs. France: 0-3

Netherlands vs. Austria: 2-0

Teams to Advance: France and Netherlands

Explanation: France’s blend of experienced stars like Kylian Mbappe and emerging talents make them a top contender. The Netherlands, with their strong performances and players like Frenkie de Jong and Virgil van Dijk, are likely to advance. Poland, despite Robert Lewandowski’s prowess, and Austria will face tough competition in this group (source: 90min.com).

Group E:

Teams: Belgium, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine


Belgium vs. Slovakia: 2-0

Romania vs. Ukraine: 1-1

Belgium vs. Romania: 2-1

Slovakia vs. Ukraine: 1-1

Belgium vs. Ukraine: 2-2

Romania vs. Slovakia: 1-2

Teams to Advance: Belgium and Slovakia (instead of Ukraine due to better points from other groups)

Explanation: Belgium’s experienced squad, featuring Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, and Slovakia’s surprising performance and organized play make them likely to advance (sources: Planet Football, The Independent).

Group F:

Teams: Turkey, Georgia, Portugal, Czech Republic


Turkey vs. Georgia: 2-1

Portugal vs. Czech Republic: 2-0

Turkey vs. Portugal: 1-2

Georgia vs. Czech Republic: 0-2

Turkey vs. Czech Republic: 1-1

Portugal vs. Georgia: 3-0

Teams to Advance: Portugal and Czech Republic

Explanation: Portugal’s stacked squad, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, and the Czech Republic’s solid, consistent performances, with players like Tomas Soucek, give them the edge. Turkey and Georgia will provide tough competition but fall short (source: 90min.com).


Knockout Stage Predictions


Round of 16:

Robert Lewandowski in a friendly match for Poland vs Germany
Robert Lewandowski in a friendly match for Poland | Dziurek / Shutterstock

Germany vs. Slovakia:

Prediction: Germany 3-0 Slovakia

Rationale: Germany’s home advantage and depth should see them narrowly overcome Slovakia, who will put up a strong fight.

Spain vs. Scotland:

Prediction: Spain 2-0 Scotland

Rationale: Spain’s superior midfield and possession game should dominate Scotland, who may struggle to maintain possession and create opportunities.

England vs. Netherlands:

Prediction: England 3-2 Netherlands

Rationale: England’s attacking depth and recent form give them the edge over the Netherlands, whose defense might struggle against England’s dynamic forwards.

France vs. Denmark:

Prediction: France 4-1 Denmark

Rationale: France’s overall squad strength and experience in knockout stages should see them through in a tightly contested match against Denmark.

Belgium vs. Czech Republic:

Prediction: Belgium 1-0 Czech Republic

Rationale: Belgium’s experienced players like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku should help them edge out the Czech Republic in a close encounter.

Italy vs. Portugal:

Prediction: Portugal 2-1 Italy (AET)

Rationale: Portugal’s attacking talent and experience should help them overcome Italy, who will put up a strong defensive display but fall short in extra time.

Croatia vs. Switzerland:

Prediction: Croatia 2-0 Switzerland

Rationale: Croatia’s experience and quality, led by Luka Modric, should see them comfortably through against Switzerland.

Poland vs. Austria:

Prediction: Austria 2-1 Poland

Rationale: Austria’s recent form and key players like David Alaba should help them spring a surprise against Poland, despite Robert Lewandowski’s efforts.



Ronaldo lifts the UEFA Nations Cup trophy in 2019 | Vlad/Shutterstock

Germany vs. Portugal

Prediction: 2-1

Rationale: Germany’s home advantage and tactical depth should give them the edge over Portugal in a thrilling encounter.


Spain vs. Belgium

Prediction: 2-2 (Spain wins on penalties)

Rationale: A closely contested match with both teams showcasing their strengths, but Spain’s superior penalty-taking skills should see them through.


England vs. France

Prediction: 1-0

Rationale: England’s disciplined defense and tactical flexibility should give them the edge over France in a tightly contested match, leading to a narrow victory.


Croatia vs. Austria

Prediction: 1-1 (Austria wins on penalties)

Rationale: Austria’s resilience and tactical discipline should help them edge out Croatia in a penalty shootout, marking a significant surprise.



Manuel Neuer 1 close up portrait. Germany - Netherlands. UEFA Nations League. Schalke 04 stadium.
Manuel Neuer for Germany | Anton_Ivanov/Shutterstock

Germany vs. Spain

Prediction: 2-1

Rationale: Germany’s home advantage and recent form improvements make them slight favorites over Spain, whose young squad might struggle under the immense pressure.


England vs. Austria

Prediction: 2-0

Rationale: England’s form, squad depth, and tactical flexibility should help them comfortably overcome Austria in a high-stakes match.



Artificial intelligence robot figure in programming language background
Photo | Unsplash

Germany vs. England

Prediction: 1-2 (England wins)

Rationale: In what would be a thrilling final, England’s combination of attacking flair, midfield creativity, and solid defense makes them slight favorites to lift the trophy. Their ability to perform under pressure and Gareth Southgate’s experience could finally lead them to European glory.