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Trey Lyles And Brooke Lopez Get Severely Punished After Altercation

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By Jerry Walters - - 5 Mins Read

Trey Lyles & Brook Lopez Penalized for an On-Court Altercation

Milwaukee Bucks player Brook Lopez and Sacramento Kings player Trey Lyles have each received individual punishment for their actions on-court. The altercation happened on Monday during the fourth quarter of the Bucks and Kings game, with only 15.4 seconds left to the end.

Brook Lopez was fined $25,000, and Trey Lyles received a suspension of one game, no pay, effective with Wednesday's game with Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

Brook Lopez ended the game with 23 points, four assists, three blocks, eight rebounds, and four 3-pointers on 64.3% shooting. Trey Lyles on the other hand had six points, seven rebounds, four assists, and two 3-pointers on 28.6% shooting.

 Milwaukee Bucks won the game with a 133-124 win over the Kings.

What Led To The Altercation Between Milwaukee Bucks Brook Lopez And Sacramento Kings, Trey Lyles?

It is still being determined if both players have had bad blood between them before now. However, the incident on-court that led to the heated argument has left fans wondering if there's something the star players are not telling us.

The argument started when Lyles fouled Milwaukee's star playerAntetokounmpo with a shove at the player's back. Lopez stepped in with confrontation in a bid to defend Antetokounmpo but was met with a push on the face by Lyles. This stirred a reaction from Lopez, and both players had soon begun to wrestle, holding each other around the neck, all in the middle of a game yet to be completed.


Lopez was seen bleeding from his left eye after the altercation, which caused both players to be evicted from the game before it could end. 

Brook Lopez is left with blood streaming down his face after being STRUCK  by Trey Lyles before brawl | Daily Mail Online

Trey Lopez pictured bleeding (Daily Mail)

Their coaches each had something to say about the incident on the court that led to the altercation. 

Milwaukee Bucks Coach Mike Budenholzer lamented the unfortunate incident that interrupted an excellent game.

"It's unfortunate. I think it was a great game, I was so impressed with Sacramento and the way they play. I'm not going to say anything about what did or didn't happen," he said.

Sacramento Kings Coach Mike Brown seems less bothered about the altercation and says he is happy his players can stand up for themselves.

"I don't know what happened, but we ain't taking no s**t from nobody. Trust me on that, And they're all going to have each other's backs in there," he said.

On Twitter, @TheHoopCentral shared a video of Coach Mike's interview;

"I don't know what happened, but we ain't taking no sh*t from nobody." 🗣️