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Tyson Fury Signals Oleksandr Usyk Faceoff May Not Happen

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By Jaden Francis - - 5 Mins Read
Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk picture mix
Tyson Fury/Oleksandr Usyk | Sports Illustrated

The boxing star known for his charismatic personality and impressive boxing record, Tyson Fury, has recently cast doubt on the possibility of facing Oleksandr Usyk in a highly anticipated matchup. F


ury's next fight is scheduled against MMA sensation Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia on October 28, marking a unique clash between boxing and mixed martial arts.


As it stands, Tyson Fury holds the prestigious WBC Heavyweight title, a testament to his prowess in the boxing ring. His journey to this title included a TKO victory over Dereck Chisora at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in December 2022. On the other hand, Oleksandr Usyk also stands as a heavyweight champion, holding the WBA Heavyweight title, making him a formidable contender.


Despite the ongoing rumors surrounding a potential showdown between Fury and Usyk, the British boxer seems to be distancing himself from this matchup. In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Fury candidly expressed that his primary motivation at this career stage is financial security for future generations.


He stated, "I didn't come back for belts, for titles or anything. I came back to secure my grandkids and their grandkids and their grandkids. And I've done that. I have no interest in fighting [contenders]. I'm bigger than all of them, I'm a superstar, and they're nobodies. I'm happy, they're not."


This statement emphasizes Fury's focus on financial gain rather than legacy or championship titles, suggesting that facing contenders like Usyk may not align with his current priorities.


Amid the preparations for his upcoming fight against Francis Ngannou, Fury is widely regarded as the favorite by many in the media and among boxing analysts.


However, Ngannou, a former UFC heavyweight champion with an impressive 17-3-0 record in the Octagon, has confidently declared his intention to "shock" the world in the fight against Fury. He emphasizes that he takes this bout very seriously and does not feel intimidated by the boxing superstar.


Francis Ngannou
Francis Zavier Ngannou | Tiktok


The hopes of boxing fans for a historic four-belt unification match between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk have been repeatedly dashed by failed negotiations and public disputes between the fighters. Fury has now revealed the conditions under which he would consider stepping into the ring with Usyk, indicating that he would require Usyk to accept a "small percentage" for the fight.


Fury's words in a recent interview suggest that pursuing undisputed status has not been his top priority, and he seems open to the idea only if the financial terms align with his expectations. He referred to past negotiations and characterized Usyk and his team as unwilling to accept the terms offered. Instead, Fury has chosen to focus on his upcoming bout with Ngannou.


Despite the uncertainty and past setbacks, promoter Frank Warren has expressed confidence in the possibility of arranging a Fury vs. Usyk matchup in 2024, offering a glimmer of hope to boxing fans eager to witness these two heavyweight champions face off. The recent comments from Fury may be viewed with cautious optimism, as the dynamics of the boxing world can change rapidly, and negotiations often involve twists and turns.