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Warrior's Free Agent Star Attracts Clippers

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Chris Paul playing basketball
Chris Paul | YT

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the Los Angeles Clippers have their sights set on reuniting with Golden State Warriors star Chris Paul.

If the Warriors decide to part ways with him, the Clippers may make a move to bring him back. However, it's not yet done, as the Warriors have until June 28 to determine Paul's future.

The Warriors can choose three paths with Chris Paul: keep him and pay his $30 million salary, let him go, or trade him to another team. The decision will shape Paul's future in the NBA.

The Warriors' decision about Chris Paul's future with the team will be heavily influenced by his stats and performance.

This is a significant decision for both Paul and the Warriors, and it could have far-reaching effects on the league.

The Warriors have the option to extend the deadline to July 28, but Chris Paul needs to agree to it. Paul, 39, had a tough season, transitioning to a bench role after starting for 18 years.

Despite playing fewer minutes, he contributed 9.2 points, 6.8 assists, 3.9 rebounds, and 1.2 steals, ranking high among Warriors players in those categories.

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Warriors’ Financial Strategy and Chris Paul's Future

The Warriors, who spent a record-breaking $384 million in salaries but failed to make the playoffs, aim to cut costs. Chris Paul's hefty salary for a bench role puts him at risk of being traded.

Owner Joe Lacob revealed plans to escape the luxury tax, a move crucial for financial flexibility in the coming years. The team must be out of the tax for two out of the next four years to avoid repeater penalties.

General Manager Mike Dunleavy Jr. hinted that Chris Paul might not return to the Golden State Warriors despite the team's interest in retaining him.

Dunleavy emphasized the necessity of evaluating the team's overall strategy, considering Paul's aspirations for a more significant role.

Warriors owner Joe Lacob underscored the critical nature of financial planning, striving to sidestep the luxury tax in forthcoming seasons to forestall added financial constraints.

Regarding Chris Paul's potential return, Dunleavy noted the team's keen interest but left room for the possibility of his departure. He underscored Paul's invaluable contributions and winning mindset, factors pivotal in the team's deliberations.

As the Warriors navigate this pivotal juncture, they meticulously weigh their options, striving to uphold both on-court competitiveness and fiscal soundness.

Interest from Lakers and Spurs in Chris Paul

The Lakers and the Spurs are eyeing Chris Paul, who is attracted by his connection with LeBron James.

Amidst talks of a Warriors trade involving Paul's impending free agency, the Lakers view him as a valuable addition to bolster their roster alongside James and Anthony Davis.

The Spurs are also interested in Chris Paul, who is aiming to strengthen their backcourt and support rising star Victor Wembanyama.

Paul's veteran leadership and playmaking skills could elevate the Spurs' playoff aspirations, creating an intriguing dynamic alongside Wembanyama's potential.