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Packers Possibly Selected The Best Most Underrated Cornerback

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By Augustine Mbam - - 5 Mins Read
Photo of Kalen King speaking in an interview
Kalen King in a live interview | YT

Just over a year ago, Kalen King was regarded as a top cornerback for the 2024 class and a potential first-round pick.

However, this past Saturday, the Green Bay Packers selected him as their final seventh-round pick.

King's lackluster performance last season, as well as at the NFL Combine, significantly diminished his draft prospects.

"This whole experience was incredibly tough, but today felt like both a blessing and a curse," King commented after the draft.

Despite the setback, King showed strong emotions and determination in his first interview with the Packers.

He is eager to demonstrate that his previous high rating was justified, and now it's up to the Packers to help him reach his full potential.

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What Draft Experts Were Saying About Kalen King a Year Ago

Last year, experts considered King one of the top cornerback prospects.

In January 2023, ESPN's Matt Miller ranked him as the leading cornerback for the 2024 NFL Draft, highlighting his agility, strong build, and excellent ball skills.

Pro Football Focus also predicted him as the 15th overall pick due to his impressive performance at Penn State.

How Did Kalen King Go From First-rounder to Nearly Going Undrafted?

Despite his promising trajectory, King's performance took a hit after a challenging 2023 season.

In the previous year, he had excelled by disrupting 18 passes and making three interceptions. However, he struggled against tough competitors like Marvin Harrison Jr. from Ohio State and ended the season with lesser stats.

Unfortunately, his performance continued to decline during the NFL Combine and the Senior Bowl, significantly impacting his draft stock.

Although his drop to the seventh round was unexpected, it was not entirely surprising given his recent performances.

Is it Possible for the Packers to Revive Kalen King's Potential?

Green Bay could be the perfect place for King to revive his career.

Under General Manager Brian Gutekunst, the Packers are known for developing players who struggled in their final college seasons, like Jordan Love and Dontayvion Wicks.


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Last year, seventh-round pick Carrington Valentine emerged as a key player, hinting at a bright future for King.

Sauce Gardner, a two-time first-team All-Pro, expressed surprise at how far King fell in the draft.

The Packers recognize King’s potential and are committed to helping him regain his top form.

King himself is motivated to prove his worth, stating, "I've got a permanent chip on my shoulder now, and I'm ready to show that I'm one of the toughest, most competitive players out there."


Jeff Hafley, Green Bay's new defensive coordinator and an experienced defensive backs coach, is well-suited to maximize Kalen King's abilities. King also has the opportunity to learn from All-Pro corner Jaire Alexander.

Identifying King's most effective position will be crucial. Some experts suggest that transitioning him to safety, where speed is less critical, could leverage his playmaking skills.

Ross Uglem of Packer Report thinks King might excel as a slot corner.

"I see no reason why Kalen can't be a successful nickel corner in the NFL for ten years," he stated.

King, a seventh-round pick, has an opportunity to expand and flourish in a new position in Green Bay's defense, demonstrating his former first-round prospect status.

He is enthusiastic and motivated to showcase his abilities, and if he can recapture his college form, he has the potential to be one of the Packers' most profitable picks in the draft.