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What's Special About Zach LaVine; Why He Should be Sixers Favorite

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By Brennan Forrest - - 5 Mins Read
Zach LaVine
Zach LaVine | YT


The Philadelphia 76ers face a critical point in a sport where all teams compete for the top spot. After the James Harden trade, the Sixers are still looking for a missing piece, and Zach LaVine is a potential catalyst for success. Below are reasons why the Sixers should pick Zach. Read on and be amazed.


Offense Prodigy: LaVine's Scoring Art

Zach LaVine is a scorer and expert with many goals. Over the past six seasons, his per-game averages show consistent excellence. LaVine's scoring has steadily increased from 23.7 in 2018-19 to 27.4 in 2020-21. Not just his numbers, but how he creates court opportunities set him apart.


The Sixers need a reliable third option with Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey as their leading scorers. Tobias Harris has impressed, but his recent instabilities show the team's offensive vulnerability. LaVine's presence would stabilize the offence during a long NBA season and playoffs.


The Sixers' offensive struggles were highlighted by their December 8 loss to the Bulls. Embiid and Maxey took 51 of the team's 88 shots as expected. Predictability can hurt in the playoffs. LaVine would add variety to the Sixers' offence, reducing the risk of overreliance on one player.


X-Factor: LaVine vs. Celtics

As the Sixers recover without Harden, the Celtics pose a threat. With a 20-6 record, the Celtics hinder the Sixers' championship hopes.


The Sixers' depth has been a key to their regular-season success, but can they beat the Celtics in a playoff series?


They could choose Zach LaVine, a dynamic force who could change the story. Teams need an X-factor in crucial moments to win an NBA championship.


The Celtics' formidable defense can be overcome by LaVine's offensive flair. He could create his own shot and stretch the floor, complementing Embiid and Maxey and creating matchup nightmares for opposing defenses.


Buying LaVine is like moving a chess piece that disrupts the opponent's strategy. It's a calculated risk that could pay off in the NBA playoffs. The Sixers would improve their team and strategically counter a playoff opponent.


Abundant Assets: Maximizing Depth for Championships

The Sixers are known for their depth. With Robert Covington, Danuel House Jr., and others, the roster is rich. As the playoffs approach, depth becomes a strategic issue.


How does a team optimize its roster to give key players meaningful minutes when it matters?


The Sixers' bench talent offers a unique opportunity to sign Zach LaVine. Trades with talented bench players are pragmatic, but draft assets can sweeten the deal. This meets the immediate need for offensive firepower and streamlines the roster to optimize playoff rotations.


The Sixers face a unique dilemma: too much depth could lead to underutilization in the playoffs. Trading for LaVine optimizes the roster for championship contention.


Finally, NBA success is often measured in strategic decisions that shape a franchise's future, not just wins. The Philadelphia 76ers' pursuit of Zach LaVine is a calculated move to elevate the team.